Zahir Soonawalla
Expert Surgeon in Oxford
specialising in Gallstones

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Welcome to the Oxford Gallstone Clinic. If you have gallstones and would like to know more about them and look into their management, this site is for you.

The Oxford Gallstone Clinic was founded by Zahir Soonawalla, Lead Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgeon at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The clinic delivers high-quality and personalised care for the management of gallstones and related problems.

The clinic, based at the Nuffield Manor Hospital, strives to provide you with clear information and rapid advice. Diagnostic tests and surgery are carried out at the Nuffield Manor Hospital, one of the most modern and technologically advanced hospitals in the UK. We take great pride in offering a professional service by specialists who are leaders in this field.

Zahir Soonawalla