Surgical Morbidity Dashboard

Mr Soonawalla is the surgical lead on a project to develop a Morbidity Dashboard at the OUH. The dashboard displays the occurrence of complications, helping to identify areas of higher-than-expected rates, and assessing if they were avoidable. We expect that by allowing clinical teams to monitor their outcomes better, the morbidity dashboard will facilitate efforts to improve the safety of patients and help us deliver high quality healthcare. The Dashboard is now being rolled out across the organisation.

Introduction of antibiotic-impregnated sutures to reduce infections after surgery

Mr Soonawalla led a quality-improvement project to assess if antibiotic-impregnated sutures could reduce infections after surgery. The results showed significant benefits in reducing wound infections, reducing intra-abdominal complications, and reducing hospital stay.

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Halving the rate of infections after surgery

Zahir Soonawalla and colleagues worked on a project that halved the rate of infections after surgery, and won a runner-up award at the National Patient Safety Congress of 2016.

National Patient Safety Congress

Neuroendocrine Patient Foundation

Zahir Soonawalla and colleagues at the Neuroendocrine Patient Foundation Annual event held at Oxford.

Hear Mr Soonawalla describing challenges in the management of small intestinal neuroendocrine tumours:

Neuroendocrine Patient Foundation