Zahir Soonawalla carries out medicolegal work as an expert witness in medicolegal negligence cases. His medicolegal work covers the field of hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders, and in particular with adverse surgical outcomes. He has a special interest in laparoscopic bile duct injuries, and has carried out research in this field. His expertise and background in this field make him a robust expert witness.

He has attended expert witness training with Inspire Medilaw. He participates in medicolegal events and has presented the medicolegal aspects of bile duct injuries at the Oxford Medical Law Conference. He has provided expert advice to the NHS Litigation Authority. He also led a review at Oxford of the safety of gall bladder surgery.

Mr. Soonawalla works for both claimant and defence. He is familiar with the needs of solicitors and the time pressures that they are under, and provides prompt responses with clear timelines. He has expertise in assessing breach of duty and causation, but does not provide assessments for damages.

If you would like to contact Mr. Soonawalla regarding a medicolegal opinion, please type your message here and attach a Letter of Approach. Alternatively, you can contact his secretary on If you wish to discuss a case with him personally, he can be contacted via email on

Zahir Soonawalla Medicolegal Expert Witness